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Ground infantry of North Korean fighting forces - known as the 'Million Man Army' - has access to a bevy of tactical-level small arms solutions with many originating from the Cold War period through former Soviet Union channels and from neighboring China while many other products have emerged as locally-produced (either under license or, typically, through illegal copying) solutions. Beyond the usual, expected select-fire auto-loading systems are specialized non-lethal, grenade-launching, armor-defeating (ATGMs), and airspace defense (MANPADS) products designed to provide modern North Korean squads / platoons with the means to harass - and ultimately neutralize - unarmored and armored targets, aerial threats, and stubborn, dug-in enemy ground elements. Despite the age of most of these systems, the fighting North Korean soldier has the tools to succeed even on the modern battlefield depending on training, experience, and discipline under combat conditions. A stock of at least 10,000 infantry-level mortar systems may be available to ground elements.
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Total Population: 25,831,360

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NOTES: Values below used (with permission) from the military stats aggregator site www.GlobalFirepower.com, detailing the current strengths and weaknesses of modern military forces by-the-numbers.

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